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String of Pearls

String Of Pearls
This new body of work is an exciting mix of media both in oils and watercolour. 
A journey that started at Smugglers Den, Fowey www.smuggersfowey.co.uk my home and studio in Cornwall one early grey morning as the mist lifted from the sea and light pierced the water. Experimenting with a variety of techniques breaking all the rules, my finely blended oils are layered with acrylic beads, sand, shells and tiny seed pearls! Using acrylic as a resist my watercolours also use lots of texture but with layered tissue.  In contrast I love to paint marbled skies  and silky seas  ~ created by  many hours of fine brush work! A limited palette of grey, black, white and silver with the exeption of 'Crimson Tide' ~ I hope you will enjoy these new paintings which form part of a major new exhibition for 2008!! 


Contact Jan Osbond ~ 01949 81728

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